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U.N. – Bureaucrooks

September 16th, 2004 at 11:08 am by Preston Taylor Holmes

Johnny Walker Red has a special message for Kofi Annon and the rest of the third-world tin-pot dictators at the United Nations.

Kofi Annan says the invasion of Iraq was illegal.

“I have indicated it was not in conformity with the UN charter from our point of view,’’ Annan said in an excerpt from the interview broadcast by the BBC. From the Charter’s point of view it was “illegal,’’ he said.

Take a look at the future, folks. Some corrupt, third-world beaurocrook will decide when and if your children will be defended from murderers. Got intel that says Generalissimo Crackpot has a 747 full of Sarin gas? Sorry, can’t do anything about it unless some milqetoast Marxist from the most miserable, blood-soaked continent on Earth says you can.

I’ve said it a hundred times at least: this is one of the men John Kerry will defer to in matters of national defense. Which is why Kofi is trying to sway US opinion against Bush a few weeks before the election.

Saddam tought us, however (and the Sudanese are teaching us still) that being in violation of UN rules is completely and utterly meaningless. There are no consequences.

So to the racists, Communists, and crooks of the UN, I’d like to quote our Vice-President: go fuck yourself.

I don’t know if bureaucrooks is a JWR original, but it’s new to me. Well put!

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