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Why is water mad at us?

January 14th, 2005 at 12:48 pm by Preston Taylor Holmes

Why is water mad at us? We didn’t do anything to it. First came the tsunami, now water is so mad it’s going to knock down a dam in California and flood more people out.

Whatever you’re mad about water, I’m sorry. I’m speaking for everyone – we’re all very sorry. Please stop.


Frozen water is mad too. I’m sorry, frozen water!

7 Responses to “Why is water mad at us?”

  1. Scott B Says:

    Yeah, what he said and thanks for saying it.

  2. the Pirate Says:

    Look at the life of water:

    Ripped from your home.
    Attacked with chemicals to ‘clean you.’
    Ran through restrictive pipes.
    Swallowed Alive.
    Flushed down the toliet.
    Attacked with more chemicals.
    Then dumped out at the earliest convience away from your home.

    Wouldn’t you be a little mad?

  3. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    You know, Pirate, you make a good point. We are very abusive toward it. Perhaps it has good reason.

  4. homely Says:

    It’s America’s fault that water is mad at us.

  5. Wittysexkitten Says:

    I blame PTH. I think he pisses in the shower. Maybe the ocean. I think water doesn’t appreciate that.

  6. gail Says:

    In its gaseous state water is both stealthy and malicious. Like when it suddenly condenses on the inside of my windshield when I’m pulling out of the driveway on garbage pickup day. But I don’t know whether it’s mad at me or my trashcans.

  7. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    WSK, I’ve done all those things, but I was hoping water had forgotten about them.

    Gail, it’s the trashcans. Water would prefer it if you did not add your junk to the already over-stuffed landfills. Start a landfill in your backyard.

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