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Today Ophrah Lesson: Lerning to Love Them That Kill Us

May 28th, 2005 at 2:30 pm by Preston Taylor Holmes

The queen of daytime psychobabble and heroine to millions of comatose middle-aged sycophantic women has finally been exposed as an islamofascist sympathizer in a recent column by Debbie Schlussel titled “Oprah: Daytime Talk’s Jihadi Sister”.

When she’s not busy playing grab-ass with Dr. Phil, Oprah is doing her best to whitewash radical islam and its centuries of global crimes against humanity, not the least of which was the slaughter of 3,000 Americans on 9/11. Schlussel:

Take “O� Magazine, Oprah’s monthly print version of self-conceit. Like every other month, the cover of the June issue of “O� features Oprah—for the gazillionth time. Unfortunately, also for the gazillionth time, the inside of the glossy mag features Oprah’s unique brand of understanding and empathy for terrorists and radical Islam.

Last month, Oprah’s “O� asked readers to understand “The Heart of a Destroyer,� Mohammed Atta. You remember him—the Al-Qaeda ringleader of the 9/11 hijackers who murdered 3,000 Americans.

But that’s not exactly the way “O�’s “reading room� wants you to remember him.

Beneath a picture of young Mohammed and his smiling sister on the Egyptian beach, “O� exhorts you to read a book that “sets out to understand the hearts and minds of the men behind the photos� of the 9/11 hijackers, a group of “lonely, exiled young men.�

But the fatherless and motherless children who lost their parents to Atta—they aren’t lonely, are they?

The book, “O� tells us, “is a simultaneously passionate, compassionate, and dispassionate book that [doesn’t] indict Islam.� Just what we need—the CEO of the Oprah Book Club urging America’s women to have compassion for Mohammed Atta.

If “understanding Atta” isn’t enough to make you vomit violently out your nose and mouth, this month’s “Oh” Magazine features the tragic tale of a young would-be Palestinian suicide bomber and how she suffered a broken heart.

To add insult to injury, the latest issue, “Oâ€?’s June 2005 edition, demands that we understand the pain and turmoil of Yusra Abdu, a teen-age Palestinian would-be homicide bomber, fiancée of Hani Akad, leader of Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist group. Akad’s group, funded by Libya (one of “Oâ€? Mag’s “Five Places to See in Your Lifetimeâ€?), murdered 27 children and injured 134 when they attacked a Jewish school in Ma’a lot, Israel. Note the map of hate and swastika in the group’s May 22, 2005 Syrian-based newsletter.

But in Oprah’s world, Muslims aren’t terrorists, and terrorists aren’t Muslim (more on that, below). Instead, “O� calls Akad “a charismatic and young rebel.� “O� describes the cold-blooded, hateful Abdu and Akad as “a Shakespearean tragedy.� Yes, in Oprah’s world, Islamic terrorists aren’t terrorists. They’re James Deans, Romeos, and Juliets.

Oprah’s vapid daytime Cavalcade of Drivel seems like a pretty innocuous parade of estrogen-laden nitwittery until you read some of the Queen’s presentations on her deranged interpretation of radical islam.

  • A post-9/11 “Islam 101â€? show —a pandering presentation featuring Jordanian Queen Rania Al-Abdullah. Rania claimed she doesn’t have to wear a hijab head-covering and that honor-killings of raped women doesn’t really happen in her country. Of course it doesn’t, since “her countryâ€? is a swanky Fifth Avenue New York apartment in the US, where she mostly lives.
  • A September 2004 show, discussing the terrorist massacre of children in Beslan, Russia, on which Oprah banned the use of the word Islamic, saying the terrorists “came from the mountains.â€? (Okay, so they were Mountainese terrorists, not Islamic ones.) Oprah stated that the Beslan massacre was “a watershed because terrorists never before killed children.â€? Remember those murdered Jewish kids in Ma’alot (and throughout Israel) by the DFLP? I’m sure they’d disagree with the “Queen of Daytime Talk.â€? If they were still around.
  • An episode on which a guest claimed Jews practice ritual sacrifices of babies. Oprah: “I want to make it clear that this is one Jewish person, so don’t go around now, saying to people, you know, ‘Those Jewish people, they’re worshipping . . . .’ This is the first time I heard of any Jewish people sacrificing babies, but anyway – so you witnessed the sacrifice?â€?
  • Ignoring the mass-murder, rape, torture, and slavery of Black Christians by Sudan’s Arab Muslim government, despite repeatedly teasing a group of Colorado children (who bought some Black Christian slaves’ freedom) that they’d be on her show. She told them the issue was “too complicated.â€?
  • Refusing President Bush’s invitation to serve our country by touring Afghani girls’ schools on his behalf. The normally vocal Oprah had “The View’sâ€? Star Jones speak on her behalf, saying the Bush White House “usedâ€? her.
  • Repeated fundraising for “Women to Women, International,â€? a Muslim women’s charity that claims it stops honor killings, but whose spokeswoman denies that honor killings have anything to do with Islam. Right.

Kudos to Schulssel for having the stones to take on one of the media’s sacred cows – and I do mean sacred cows. Speaking of Schlussel, rumor has it that she will be blogging in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Cross-posted at Conservative Thinking

Speaking of islamofascism – check out Rusty’s Kavalkade of Krapping on the Koran. Now this is a “movement” I can get behind.

7 Responses to “Today Ophrah Lesson: Lerning to Love Them That Kill Us”

  1. Conservative Thinking Says:

    Today Ophrah Lesson: Lerning to Love Them That Kill Us
    The queen of daytime psychobabble and heroine to millions of comatose middle-aged sycophantic women has finally been exposed as an islamofascist sympathizer in a recent column by Debbie Schlussel titled “Oprah: Daytime Talk’s Jihadi Sister”. When …

  2. canuck Says:

    i have no words for this. i am truly disgusted by her.

  3. An American Housewife Says:

    Finally Someone Calling Oprah Out
    Oh, I have waited and waited for this, darn it wish it would have been me to have written this on my blog cause you know how much I do NOT like Oprah and her self-worshiping butt; but that’s why…

  4. NIF Says:

    Happy Memorial Day!
    Today’s dose of NIF – News, Interesting & Funny … Happy Memorial Day!

  5. beautifulatrocities Says:

    In the future, everyone will be a victim for 15 minutes.

    Nice of Bush to seek out fat black women to represent America to the Third World, because it shows starving Third Worlders that even our Negroes eat well. Too well

  6. brittney Says:

    “it shows starving Third Worlders that even our Negroes eat well.”

    WOW. Is this the freaking 1950s or am I trippin’? Cause I know you just didn’t say “negroes.”

    Racism abounds.

  7. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:


    I suggest you get to know Jeff before you start throwing terms like “racism” around. If there’s one thing he ain’t, it’s racist.

    By the way, this is a free speech zone, so we don’t become emotionally overwrought when someone uses a term like “negro”. Especially in the context Jeff used. Just an FYI for your future visits.


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