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Sunday Night Poll

September 4th, 2005 at 9:50 pm by Preston Taylor Holmes

We all know that President Bush doesn’t like black people. I’ve known that since he gave all those black people in Florida such confusing ballots back in 2000 and they wound up voting for Pat Buchanan.

The dirty secret, however, is that there are certain people of color that President Junior cares TOO much about. It’s up to me to bring this type of secret to you people – and let you vote on it! You really seem to love clicking on things.

So tonight’s poll question:

Which person/people of color does President Junior care too much about when he really shouldn’t.

The National Association of Black Journalists

The Congressional Black Caucus

California Congresswoman Barbara Lee

The millions of illegal Mexicans who have ambled across the border on Junior’s watch.

Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow” Coalition

America’s first black President, William Jefferson Clifford, who he keeps sending on photo-op camping trips with his daddy.

The cast of 227
He apparently has a Marla Gibbs fixation…

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    Sunday Reading

    I started today planning to only post on good news coming out of the South and I hope to do that tomorrow. But I did get much accomplished behind the scenes, having talked to two people I’ve been wanting to

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