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To Live and Die in L.A. (But Mainly Die)

November 29th, 2005 at 12:11 pm by Smantix

“Sometimes I gets the menstrual cramps, real hard”

Much love for convicted multiple homicider and rap impresar…sorry. I’m just used to typing “rap impresario” after “convicted” and “homicide”. Beloved children’s novelist and Crips gang founder Tookie Williams is enjoying more attention than authentic Louis Vuitton bags at the Compton Swap Meet as the Governator ponders commuting his death sentence to a well-deserved life in prison sentence. As if I need to remind anyone that Tookie did not extend such leniency to the people he judged and executed.

Williams, now age 53, was convicted in 1981 of a dramatic retelling of Goodnight Moon, at point blank range, to 4 former Los Angeles residents.

Jack Dunphy, if that is indeed his real name, at NRO gives us the story:

Williams, armed with a sawed-off shotgun, forced Owens into a back storeroom. After ordering Owens to lie on the floor, Williams fired a shotgun blast into the store’s security monitor. Then, though Owens had offered no resistance at all, Williams fired two blasts into the prostrate man’s back, killing him. When an accomplice asked Williams why he had shot Owens, Williams explained that he didn’t want to leave any witnesses. The accomplice would also later testify that Williams told him he killed Owens “because he was white and he was killing all white people.”

Less than two weeks later, at about five in the morning on March 11, Williams went to the Brookhaven Motel at 10411 South Vermont Avenue, less than a ten-minute drive due east from Los Angeles International Airport. After breaking into the motel’s office, Williams shot and killed 76-year-old Yen-I Yang and his 63-year-old wife, Tsai-Shai Yang. Next he killed their daughter, 43-year-old Yee-Chen Lin. As in the Owens killing, the murder weapon was a 12-gauge shotgun. The take in this crime was about $100.

Last week rap star Snoop Dogg spoke at a rally at San Quentin prison saying Williams’s voice “needs to be heard”.

Like many things, me and Mr. Dogg agree. The exact ratio of Gin to Juice. Quantifying at what point we must break off some of that funky stuff. And so on.

But on the Tookie matter, it’s the finer points where we part. Mr. Williams’s voice does need to be heard, provided that those words are “Arrrrrrgh…Bzzzzt….Aarrggh….Bzzzt…gurgle”.

13 Responses to “To Live and Die in L.A. (But Mainly Die)”

  1. Yiddish Steel Says:

    Yo, cuz! Da Compton Swap Meet ain’t got sheyit on da Cherry Street Swap Meet in Long Beach or da Santa Fe Springz Swap Meet off da 5 and Imperial. You can get your Louis Vitton and your gen-u-wine Coach bags there fo’ chitlins!

  2. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:


    The chair is too humane for Tookie, though.

    He should really face a firing squad. With shotguns.

  3. a4g Says:

    Sadly, here in pansy-ass California, he’ll be put down like a favorite pet, all nice and gentle-like.

    Of course, I won’t be surprised if the One-Terminator grants him clemency.

    After all, with a wicked ‘fro like that, he could make a good wacky sidekick for Kindergarten Cop II.

  4. Swap Blog Says:

    Burned Tookies

    Smantix over at Six Meat Buffet has a excellent post that points out why it is time for the urban hero Tookie Williams (founder of the Crips, childrenÂ’s book writer, and convicted murderer of four) to become the 1,001st (Virginia already has number 1,…

  5. Frank Says:

    It is time for him to check out. No more time for the OG of the crime, the lines and the rhyme.

  6. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    I can’t believe I missed the caption. “Why do you say you feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body?”


  7. Dean Says:

    Isn’t it amazing what something like the Death Penalty can do to someone. Our Man Tookie is writing children’s books now and I bet he even writes poetry too.
    Next thing you know he’ll be Saved.
    I think that if a true believer is on Death Row, they would want to take thier punishment as a consequence of thier actions.
    The way I look at it, let him take his punishment like a man. He is going with much more compassion than he gave his victims.
    And when he is there for his final judgement, let God decide his ultimate fate.

  8. Martini Says:

    If this bastard didn’t want to get excecuted he probably should not have murdered four people. Armed robbery I understand, hey a brother’s got to eat…but killing four people durring two robberies. That just crosses the line. If he really has turned over a new leaf in prison then he should still die as an example of why NOT to commit murder. Just because you find God does not mean that you deserve to live on our dime in prison for the rest of your natural life. In short, fuck’im, why has it taken this long to put him to death.

  9. LindaSoG Says:

    Can we put mumia on his lap and fry ‘em together?

  10. Lawrence Says:

    Good one, Linda! I be down wit”dat!

    Hey! What’s the deal with all the Hollywood douche bags (Tim Robbins, Mike Ferrel, Meathead, and Jamie Faux) asking for clemency?? Don’t they know that Stanley is now a Christian?! And we all know that there’s one thing that the Hollywood douche bags despise more than anything, and that’s a born-again Christian.

  11. Smantix Says:

    In the interest of disclosure, I added the caption after it had been up for a couple of hours. But! – It was always on my mind.

    People argue against the death penalty because statistics don’t show that deterrence works but it sure as hell deters the person who committed the crime from doing it again.

    The Life of Tookie Williams is one that no matter how many poems and fingerpaints he writes in prison – he will have always done more damage to the black community through Gang Wars, drugs and murder than prison and so-called rehabilitation will ever make up for.

    He deserves to be killed just so the Dim-O-Crack Pro-Murderer lobby doesn’t ever release him and give him a key to the city to go with his Nobel Peace Prize.

    I think I preferred Jamie Foxx when he played a transvestite on In Living Color. He’s gotten so much acclaim for doing a Ray Charles impersonation or movies like “Collateral”. I’m sorry. Considering the subject of this post, it was too hard for me to suspend belief long enough during that film with the idea that the black man was being kidnapped at gun point by the white killer. The Bullshit Detector just went off.

  12. reverse_vampyr Says:

    Sheehan hits minute 16

    I’d say “caption this,” but the real one is almost too good already:
    Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan waits for people to show up at her book signing near President BushÂ’s ranch on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 in Crawford, Texas.
    I wonder where all her…

  13. Kiki B. Says:

    Well, if he killed someone because they’re “white”, isn’t that a hate crime? Why aren’t all the libs all over that aspect? Also, with the recent multitude of death row prison escapes, it’s all the more reason to fry them and fry them early.

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