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2005: The Six Meat Year in Review

January 3rd, 2006 at 10:10 am by Preston Taylor Holmes

It was a strange and wonderful year at the Buffet. We had the introduction of our first co-bloggers. We lost popes but found hot naughty teachers. We lost news anchors but found hot lesbo cheerleaders.

For those of you who hate lists and year-end retrospectives, feel free to skip this post altogether. You’re obviously too good for it. For the rest of you, whether you’re a new visitor or just feel like strolling down blog-memory lane, feel free to browse through this enormous collection of posts from 2005. I tried to narrow it down as I went back through the archives, but it still wound up longer than I wanted. But who cares.

I’d also like to send out thanks to my co-bloggers Smantix and Cranky (and to a lesser degree, JWR, since you never post anymore…) for making 2005 much better than it would have been with just me spouting off. Now on with the retrospective…

The year began with the Vols trouncing Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl. It’s been downhill ever since for the Small Orange.

Then there was:

…And that was just January!

In February

…and much more. That’s a lot for such a short, crappy month.

In March there was…

April started with the site getting hacked. Luckily, we were able to overcome it through technological trickery.

Also in April

In May, we…

In June, we…

The dog days of summer were beating down on us in July, which caused us to…

Action picked up in August, as Six Meat welcomed its first-ever guest bloggers. Smantix joined the staff, Johnny Walker Red came out of retirement (briefly) and Sadie tossed off a few as well. We also…

In September, we…

In October we were joined by homeless blogger The Cranky Neocon. We also had…

In November, we

In December, we were filled with the Christmas spirit. So much so that Cranky and Smantix came up with the idea of the 12 days of Christmas – Last Minute Gift Ideas for Liberals.

Some highlights: Stratego for Democrats; Monopoly: Eminent Domain Edition; Survivor: Katrina – the Board Game; Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Bathtub Playset; The Race Card Game; Planned Parenthood Abortion Gift Certificates; Simon: Abu Ghraib. Aw hell, just go enjoy all of them.

Also in December, we…

What does 2006 hold in store at the Buffet? Who the hell knows. But that’s all the more reason to keep coming back and tell your friends about us. That is, if you have friends. I don’t, but you might.

5 Responses to “2005: The Six Meat Year in Review”

  1. a4g Says:

    There’s got to be at least fifteen meats in that buffet.

    An embarrassment of riches.

    Now all you have to do to keep us fickle readers coming back is to top it in 2006.

    Happy new year. Heh.

  2. MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Says:

    That’s a lot of meat!

    2005: The Six Meat Year in Review

    What? What were you guys thinking? What?

    Why are you people laughing?

  3. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Not a chance, a4g. My New Years’ resolution for 2006 is to completely mail it in. I just realized that we didn’t see dollar one for our efforts last year. If I’d known I’d be doing this for free, I’d have never started the thing.

  4. NIF Says:

    What a way to start …

    Today’s dose of NIF – News, Interesting & Funny … I don’t have much :) (+ Open Trackbacks)

  5. Cindi in PA Says:

    Now you know how Al Bendover Gore feels, he invented the whole freaking internet and not a dime.

    If you bring back more on the hot teenage golfers, I’ll be back for sure. ;)

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