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Final Notes

January 6th, 2006 at 9:50 am by Preston Taylor Holmes

This is probably too heavy of a topic for a frivolous Friday, but after reading this miner’s final note to his family,

it got me thinking, what would my final note look like? What would your final note look like?

I’m not asking you to tell me, just give it some thought if you feel like it.

If you don’t feel like it, go watch The Price is Right or listen to your i-pod or whatever the hell it is you people do.

6 Responses to “Final Notes”

  1. Swap Blog » Blog Archive » Miners Final Notes Says:

    [...] Preston over at Six Meat Buffet makes a excellent point this AM with his post (here) about the final notes left by the miners in West Virigina to their families. [...]

  2. Says:

    final words

    Miners’ notes reveal their final moments What would you write if you only had time to record just 25 words before death? UPDATE: Preston at 6MB asks the same question. He also has a picture of one of the notes.

  3. Feisty Says:

    It’s dark in here, but hopefully, soon, I will see the light. Love you all.


  4. SixHertz Says:

    Guess I’m the weakest link. Goodbye!

  5. Vince Aut Morire Says:

    Just An Excellent Post

    Here. There’s really nothing to add, except, think about it….

  6. The Unabrewer Says:

    I expect not to have a death note, but final words: “Hey ya’ll, watch this!”

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