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Alito Confirmed

January 31st, 2006 at 11:30 am by Preston Taylor Holmes

That sound you hear is millions of women weeping as their rights are collectively taken away by Bushitler and his evil minions.

Sounds like sweet, sweet music to me.


I just had the pleasure of watching Monday’s Ted Kennedy meltdown – you can find some of the video at Malkin’s place – and it’s really good stuff. Especially if you enjoy self-righteous politicians unable to find a way to contain their outrage, resulting in a near-stroke.

I believe I can boil Kennedy’s protest down to the following statement: “If Judge Alito is confirmed, then all handicapped black women will have to drink from colored water fountains and will be pushed down the stairs while simultaneously applying for a job and getting an abortion while President Bush illegally listens in on their phone calls and denies them health care.”

I think that about covers it.

12 Responses to “Alito Confirmed”

  1. The World According To Carl Says:


    It’s finally over. All the hoopla, all the bickering, all the liberal whining…Alito is confirmed and will be the newest Justice on the Supreme Court. Liberals have been trying the chicken little “sky is falling” tactic trying to get people to …

  2. Rhod Says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m looking into coat-hanger stock, and maybe invest in some OTC asthma medication research. That Judge AliOto is my kind of guy.

  3. Yiddish Steel Says:

    Moonbats like Barbara Boxxer bitch and whine while real Constitutionalists celebrate!

    Oh, and Barbara Boxxer gets exposed for being the complete bullshit, con-artist, fraud that she really is:

    John Ziegler performs a labial root canal on Boxxer.

  4. Jeremiah Says:

    Ziegler link is good, thanks.

  5. SINcerely Says:

    Truly a sad day for middle class white women,raped by black men.

    When I think back on all the progress the womans lib movement has made. I now have to wonder, How much will Alito’s appointment cose me in dry cleaning. I am outraged!

  6. Smantix Says:

    Truly, SINcerely. Based on all the whackjob aspersions against Alito, I never knew so many rapists had Super Rape Sperm(tm) that can impregnate on contact.

    Yiddish – if you’ll check Ziegler’s bio, you’ll see that he had a brief stint as a commentator on our local Nashville affiliate but was booted out after allegedly making some insensitive comments that weren’t. Our loss was somebody else’s gain. I know I’d like him back.

    IN YOUR FACE is the motto of the day. I’m almost at a loss for words. I didn’t think that I would live to see a conservative majority on the Supreme Court and if Stevens goes, well that’s just cake. Gun rights – check. Property rights – check. The end of Affirmative Discrimination and the countdown to the judicial abortion of Roe v. Wade is finally in it’s last trimesters.

    Some of our local liberals are planning a big boohoo/one hour’s hate rally at some oh-so-trendy “revitalized” impoverished neighborhood bistro-bars for the SotU. I’m charging the camera batteries. Yes!

  7. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Smantix, please tell me you’re going to go take pix at the rally. I’ll send you a bottle of Jim Beam if you do.

  8. Smantix Says:

    Some of our favie lezbos will be there. The mrs. is wanting me to hang out and cheer with her from home but the opportunity to rub it in their squinty little Melissa Etheridge faces is almost overwhelming.

  9. Rhod Says:

    Two of those signs say “Young Feminists Mobilizing”. The dolls in the front were young when signs were in pictograph, and
    one of them has a full beard. This must be rally by proxy.

  10. Yiddish Steel Says:


    Isn’t sending Beam an act of treason in Tennessee?! I think the folks in Lynchburg might have something to say about that.

    If Smantix went beyond the call of duty with the pix, shouldn’t you at least offer the man Maker’s Mark?!

    Kentucky Bourbon rokks!

  11. MCPO Airdale Says:

    Hey, how come all of the leftists in that picture aren’t in “reeducation camps” already?

  12. Smantix Says:

    All right. I’m back. I should have some pictures ready to go by tomorrow night. Let me say, the State of the Democrat’s Union is – the state of confusion.

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