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The Shot Heard ‘Round The World

February 12th, 2006 at 9:16 pm by Smantix

Duck Hunt meets Dick Cheney in the Forest of Friendly Fire.


For everyone else who has been needled by nostalgia over the less than animal friendly version of this game, you can go on to ebaum’s world. For the rest of you sickos who root in the lower intestine of near fatal tragedy, proceed.

A swing and a miss

I’m not saying it’s time for Cheney to put his guns in the ground. I’m just saying that maybe he should be hanging with different huntin’ buddies.


(h/t to Cranky)


Well, after almost 2 years of hacking away at this, we got our first Instalanche. What does that mean? Mad traffic. It also means this site will probably be going down this afternoon due to our 10GB/day throughput quota. Remember the backup site is

Thanks, Insty!

30 Responses to “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World”

  1. SINcerely Says:

    Hehe, great visuals. Heard the story repeated a few times last night. All I could do was laugh. The comment from Mrs. Put it Down Brady made it even more comical.

  2. Kill the Dog. Says:


  3. A Blog For All Says:

    Can’t Make This Stuff Up

    While the Secret Service usually worries about other folks holding guns near their principals, now they’ve got to wonder about their principals holding the guns.

  4. Stop The ACLU Says:

    Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter

    Via Breitbart
    Harry Whittington, 78, was “alert and doing fine” after Cheney sprayed Whittington with shotgun pellets on Saturday at the Armstrong Ranch in south Texas, said property owner Katharine Armstrong.
    Armstrong said Cheney turn…

  5. LAURA Says:

    It’s just too bad people don’t have a sense of humor. What’s wrong with laughing once

    in a while??? Where would this world be if nobody made light of situations today? We’d

    all go nuts and paranoid from worry. I say, “keep up the good work”!!!!!!

  6. Letalis Says:

    So what? My sports are guns and motorcycles. Neither suffer fools. They reward mistakes with death and disfigurement. If you aren’t willing to accept that part of the bargain, go play some more golf. You screw up there, you bogey the hole. That’s about the most in the way of consequences the average American seems to be able to handle these days, anyway.

  7. Sobek Says:

    Congrats on the ‘lanche. Just don’t scare away all your new traffic before I get your interview done.

  8. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Don’t sweat it, Sobek. Everyone knows that an official Sobekpundit interview is a way bigger blog-status-symbol than an instalanche.

  9. Guns Don't Kill People, DICK CHENEY Kills People at Literal Barrage Says:

    [...] Update: Oy, says I. [...]

  10. Jesse Perry Says:

    Hi, Smantix! I hope Internet fame doesn’t go to your head.

  11. UnorthodoxY » Blog Archive » Topical Linking Says:

    [...] Dick Cheney shoots lawyer … all good comments already taken. [...]

  12. Large Marge Says:

    Republican shootin’ Republican on a Republican’s land. HA-HA-HA One way of gettin’ rid of ‘em!

  13. FU Says:


    They were hunting rats…DemocRATS.. big, fat, ugly, oily rats.

    More fun than an election.

  14. Daniel McAndrew Says:

    This too, shall pass.

    As another accident hasn’t taken its toll on a Senator from Massachusetts …

    Then this one shouldn’t do Cheney in either.

    At least Cheney went to help the poor guy.

  15. Cranky Says:

    Michael, your proctologist called. He found your sense of humor.

  16. a4g Says:

    Michael has obviously never been hunting.

    The typical apology offered after shooting a friend is “hurts, don’t it?”, followed by laughter.

    It’s birdshot, Michael. Birdshot.

    It’s made to kill a bird– a bird– a tiny little bird. Preferably without asploding it.

    (Which actually upsets me a bit, because I always imagined Cheney as the type who would hunt quail with a .50 caliber, tripod-mounted sniper rifle, vaporizing his prey one by one in detail– just for the “sport” of it.)

  17. chip Says:

    Any chance a timely comment will siphon off some of this traffic? If not, oh well.

    I thought Algore was in charge of the weekend’s 9/11 jokes, anyway?

  18. Letalis Says:

    And after: “Hurts, don’t it?”

    “Here, lemme pour some Old Grandad on that. Kill them germs.”

  19. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Old Grandad… now you people are talkin’ my language.

  20. Michael Says:


    An inability to find humor in someone getting shot is somehow a defect? Tells me a lot about YOU.

  21. Michael Says:


    Been hunting plenty of times, but never shot anyone. Had I done that, I don’t think I’d be running around making jokes. You own ignorance is showing in the stupid birdshot comment. I know of two seperate people who died from gunshot wounds (self-inflicted no less) using birdshot. I also didn’t find those incidents very funny either.

    What I have learned from this site is that I now know where mouth-breathers and knuckle-draggers come to get their rocks off.

  22. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Well, then Michael, I hope we’ve seen the last of you around here. You’re harshing our mellow, maaaaaaaaan. Go back to your super-serious issue-oriented blog and we can use that as a guideline on when we’re allowed to laugh, and when we’re required to furrow our brow.

  23. ViVi Says:

    WTG fellas!!

  24. ViVi Says:

    Michael, your proctologist called. He found your sense of humor.

    comment by Cranky — Monday, February 13, 2006 @ 8:16 pm

    He called back. Good news–He found Michael’s head too.

  25. Michael Says:

    …your proctologist called…

    Ah, now we descend into rectal humor. What’s next, aborted fetus jokes?

  26. smantix Says:

    I can think of one baby I wouldn’t care about aborting right now.

  27. Cranky Says:

    Sorry I’m a little busy this morning to make jokes at your expense. Will you settle for punchlines?

    -Cranial? I thought you said anal!!

    -I know he looks brain dead, but actually, he’s posting at!

    -… then the rabbi turns to the priest and says, “no a putz is someone who keeps returning for abuse!”

  28. a4g Says:


    Wow, so you just happen to hunt and know “two separate people” who died from self-inflicted birdshot wounds. Two people. Both birdshot. Amazing how the Absolute Moral Authority of your serendipitous personal experience dovetails so perfectly with this discussion. Surely I should just concede at this point.

    Oh, and I’m sure you understand there’s a difference which varies with the cube of the distance between blasting oneself and being accidentally peppered while maintaining proper spread.

    But I need to get back to mouth-breathing now.

  29. romanwalls Says:

    anything hit by your shot is your fault…that’s it and done..
    if your shoot someone it’s your fault for not being safe…
    i was born and raised on a farm with a full gun case in the
    living room…40 weapons and never an accidental wound.
    thid guy wasn’t peppered or salted…he was shot by a
    careless hunter…so stuff all the excuses and be a real
    adult…cheney is a careless hunter, get over it…
    just stay out of his aim and it’ll be ok…

  30. » Tasteless Bumper Sticker Says:

    [...] And no, Mr. Limbaugh, you did NOT come up with the sticker (that you could send me from CafePress, that I would be totally offended by). The second I heard about Big Dick’s hunting accident, two things came to my mind: first, I’d rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than over a bridge with Ted Kennedy, and secondly, this would make a real good time to make a Duck Hunt parody. [...]

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