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Sunday Night Poll: Homeland Insecurity

February 20th, 2006 at 10:34 pm by Preston Taylor Holmes

Given President Junior’s lack of concern for our borders, it should come as no surprise that he’s selling out the security of six major U.S. ports to the freakin’ United Arab Emirates. Just consider that concept for a moment. If I wasn’t already painfully aware of President Junior’s political tin ear, I would think this was some type of joke. But, of course, it isn’t.

So, since Junior seems to need a little help with his wacky security schemes, let’s help him make his next strategic move by voting in tonight’s Sunday Monday Night Poll.

What other steps should President Junior take to improve Homeland Security?

Turn over U.S. nuclear plant security to a council of filthy Iranian mullahs.

Put Chechen muslims in charge of U.S. Elementary Schools.

Instead of slackjawed Federal cretins, put Pakistani muslim clerics in charge of Airport Security.

Put members of the new Hamas government in charge of providing security for U.S. Synagogues.

Make Chocolate City Mayor Ray Nagin the new Chancellor of National Weather Planning and Response.

Turn over U.S. national defense to United Nations peacekeepers.

Put Michael Moore in charge of the deep fryer at Steak-n-Shake.

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It gets worse. Dhimmi Carter has announced that he endorses the “turn the ports over to the UAE” plan of action. Call off the deal, President Junior. Call it off.

20 Responses to “Sunday Night Poll: Homeland Insecurity”

  1. Political News and Blog Aggregator Says:

    Lawmakers debate whether FEMA can be fixed

    While officials debated Sunday what should be done to fix the Federal Emergency Management Agency, H

  2. The Jawa Report Says:

    Give the Ports to the Danish

    Forget the Arab companies trying to take over American ports. Give them to the Danes! Heh. And while we’re thinking about Arab companies running U.S. ports, why not take this pole which asks what other government functions should be taken…

  3. smantix Says:

    Not to dhimminish Dick Morris’ podiatric contribution to the English language, but Junior and Co. are threatening to take “foothunting” to a whole new level.

    Quick, there’s a foot! Shoot it!

  4. Michelle Malkin Says:


    A tipster e-mailed me last night: I work as a corporate lawyer at a large law firm that has a speciality in Islamic finance. The real reason Dubai Ports World is undergoing the transaction is because of an Islamic finance…

  5. ViVi Says:

    If Carter supports it, I know where I stand.

  6. Chad Evans Says:

    I didn’t see the big deal until Carter came out for it. Now I know something is wrong with the plan.

  7. Swamp Rabbit Says:

    I know why Jr. did it… It was an attempt to make Jummah’s head expolde,,, Sooner or latter he’ll realise that he and Jr. are in agreement then POP!!!!

  8. AnonymousDrivel Says:

    Carter’s for it?

    Debate over. One need read no further.

  9. Colin Says:

    First Harriet Meirs, now this. Is this Administration completely tone deaf re: political fallout? The threat of a veto, which will be over-ridden, is ridiculous.

  10. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    This administration/president is really amazing. You would THINK that they/he would have learned his lesson with Miers, but he keeps stepping in it. Perhaps he is just dumb as a stump. It’s hard to find another explanation for it.

  11. MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Says:

    More odds ‘n’ ends

    OK, so I still don’t feel like writing anything today (see also: yesterday, the day before, the day before that, etc.), so I’ll clear out a little bit of today’s incoming email and other things instead. (No “odd” ones, t…

  12. Fred & Bj Says:

    :evil:Seems evil to us. Make sure everyone who understands this ….. mails/emails/faxes your thoughts to our Senators and the White House. It is better to write a letter to the White House! “Frightening prospects, and we are sick of this. We voted two times for this administration, but NOT HAPPY any longer! Wondering if George B isn’t drinking heavily again???? GOD PLEASE BLESS US ALL.

  13. A Blog For All Says:

    No Safe Harbor From Swirling Controversy

    As for the odd political bedfellows, I noted yesterday that much of the current outrage stems over parochial and home rule issues – the municipalities where these ports are located wanted a say in the decision, and that cuts across party lines. That’…

  14. MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy » Blog Archive » More odds ‘n’ ends Says:

    [...] Preston wants you to look at his pole–er, poll. (He’s such a tease.) [...]

  15. SubTerfuge Says:

    Homeland Insecurity via SixMeatBuffet

    Don’t vote here, I’m just plagiarizing. Take the official poll at 6MB.

    posted by ViVi at 10:24 PM

  16. ViVi Says:

    Something to consider: if we deny the UAE the ability to control the port operation which they bought from the British, then who do we give it to, our own? That likely means Halliburton–wouldnt you love to see the dim reaction to that?

  17. Diggers Realm Says:

    Ancient Rome To Turn Port Controls Over To Cleopatra

    “What could possibly go wrong? Cleopatra and Egypt are our allies who continue to send us large shipments of grain. The fact that they have helped and financed terrorists such as Marcus Antonius should not be a factor in our…

  18. Beth Says:

    I blame Rove. (Seriously.) I think Boy Wonder Rove needs to go, because he’s made for elections, not the WH. Bring in Dick Morris, and Bush will get back in sync–but that won’t ever happen because of that Bush loyalty (to Rove).
    Morris pulled Slick Willie out of the basement (before Monica); he could EASILY refocus Bushie. Hell, I could probably do it.
    And TOSS Andy Card, for Chrissakes. The WH is in full fuckin’ meltdown.

  19. SINcerely Says:

    Wonder what happened to the American companies who at one time ran these ports.
    I was just as shocked to find out they were being run by the British.

  20. Fred & Bj Says:

    As far as Halliburton is concerned … They do things many others won’t touch, The problem is they charge out the butt for Anything! Like doing the laundry for our troops @ $120. per shirt? Yeh right.

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