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WTW: Tick-4-Governor

August 16th, 2006 at 7:30 am by Smantix


Enter stage left. Whitebread, upstate New York healthcare mogul/Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen had to overcome a lot of stereotypes about yankee carpetbaggers to parlay his Keebler elf frame and fudge striped shortbread cookies into the treehouse of the Governor’s mansion.

But in order to keep his boondock bonafides intact, every election year he’s forced to white trash it up and this year is no exception:

Governor hospitalized with possible tick bite

Tennessean Staff Reports

Gov. Phil Bredesen was hospitalized on Monday, his office disclosed late this afternoon.

Press Secretary Lydia Lenker issued a statement saying the governor “was admitted to Centennial Medical Center in Nashville for observation late Monday night after experiencing flu-like symptoms, including a severe headache and high fever. Medical staff indicated the Governor’s symptoms could be the result of a tick bite. The Governor is receiving antibiotics and feeling better. Physicians advised him to remain at the hospital overnight Tuesday for additional observation.”

The statement did not indicate how or when the governor might have been in contact with a tick.

He could have attended General Sessions court for spousal abuse, chipped a tooth opening a beer bottle or given a Tennessee Arts award to The DaVinci Commode – but no! An itsy bitsy widdle tick sent him to the Emergency Room and now he’s taking a valuable bed away from a deserving illegal alien.

Huzzah, Governor! I would have bet what cash of mine you let me keep that you would have gotten more blood out of the tick than he got out of you.

Here are your White Trash Wednesday bloggers….

4 Responses to “WTW: Tick-4-Governor”

  1. Swamp Rabbit Says:

    I lived in TN from birth to the age of 32. I remember several POS gov’s over the years. Hands down my favorite was pardon-me Ray.

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  3. Doug Says:


  4. Swamp Rabbit Says:

    Okay Doug I’ll play along,,


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