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Remembering Katrina, Vol. 1

August 25th, 2006 at 5:07 pm by Preston Taylor Holmes

reservoir tip: Yiddish Steel

A message to all you Instapundit cult members:

You know, last time you came by, you just popped in, used us and went on your way. Really, we felt like Christina Applegate after an afternoon in the 20th Century Fox parking lot in Studio Century City.

This time, why don’t you bookmark us? I mean, what have you got to lose but about 1K? We occasionally do some funny/offensive/interesting/stupid stuff. Sometimes there’s even some good writing here (that’s usually Smantix). Take a look at some of our “classics” down there on the lower right hand side to get a taste of some of our Grade-A quality blog backwash.

Let’s be frank – you always say you’ll call, but you never do. That hurts.

Also: Feel free to contribute your own Katrina: One Year Later memories. Smantix has started us off pretty well in the comments. I’ll throw another out: The Official Survivor: Katrina Board Game that we debuted last Christmas. That one’s chock full of Katrina memories – The Concentration Camp Causeway being just one of many.

FYI – If anyone knows who actually did the above photoshop that Yiddish Steel sent me, let me know so I can give proper credit…

UPDATE: At your service…

After suckin’ up like that, I’m feeling like Christina Applegate again.

Oh, speaking of her, if this site goes down due to the bandwidth crunch, we’ve got a backup –

UPDATE: YS tells me the photoshop was done by his co-worker Kurt. We may have to give him a full-time, unpaid internship with skills like that!

44 Responses to “Remembering Katrina, Vol. 1”

  1. Billy Says:

    Wait…I’ve seen this guy before! Oh…that’s right, he was helping people out of the rubble…of the Northridge earthquake back in ’94!

    Or was it the LA Riots?

    Can’t remember, maybe it was both. But he’s one hell of a guy!

  2. smantix Says:

    Bush’s theocratic refusal to help save the Heineken after Katrina hit is one of the low points in Amerikkkan History.

    George Bush doesn’t care about German people.

  3. SinCerely Says:

    Wait…I’ve seen this guy before! Oh…that’s right, he was helping people out of the rubble…of the Northridge earthquake back in ‘94!

    Or was it the LA Riots?

    No, No Billy, he’s the guy seen rescuing 99 of the same dead children in Lebanon last month.

  4. mqrtin Says:

    It’s Mohammed Gump again.

  5. Hootathought Says:

    I think he’s carrying bottle of Gingerale for a mixer down the street.

  6. Liberty Dog Says:

    smantix…I hate to bring up the obvious, but Heineken is Dutch beer, not German.

  7. Cranky Says:

    “hate to bring up the obvious, but Heineken is Dutch beer, not German.”

    We deeply regret this oversight and are frankly, quite disappointed that Smantix made this rookie mistake.

    He is subject to disciplinary action up to and possibly including termination.

  8. Joe Says:

    Heineken, because it is shipped around the world, has a lot of preservatives in it. It is an ok lager, but the additives are nasty and the stuff gives headaches the next day.

    Like those Katrina survivors did not have enough to deal with–warm beer and extraordinary hangovers!

  9. Bruce Lagasse Says:

    #4, mqutin:

    Mohammed Gump – ROTFLMAO!!

  10. Clyde Says:

    May Allah smite the alcohol-bearing apostate! Repent your sins, Green Helmet Guy! Not that it wlll do you any good when the muwakkil get their sticks on you…

  11. Smantix Says:

    Should I take offense?
    Surely not.

    All this means is that I am so fortunate as to have not had to drink a Heineken in so many years. And that is nothing to be ashamed of.

  12. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Now that we’ve gotten our asses unexpectedly instalanched, I should probably point out that this is NOT an original work. Yiddish Steel emailed it to me – if anyone knows the author, please let me know so that I can give credit where it’s due!

  13. Mister Snitch! Says:

    This does nothing to change my mind re the Bush Administration’s position on Sam Adams.

  14. Smantix Says:

    Great Moments of Katrina – One Year Later is a good topic though.

    Ray Nagin going on Oprah and telling the world that babies were being raped and people were being murdered in the Superdome and the brave media that patted themselves on the back for having the courage to report unsubstantiated rumors. Lest we forget Randall Robinson’s HuffPo cannibal libel.

  15. I Love Bush!!! Says:

    The reason why this picture is not believable is because the bin contains Heineken. If it contained Molson it would be believable. Who the hell would save a Heineken?

  16. Jim Says:

    Alright, alright bookmarking. Sheesh.

  17. pst314 Says:

    “…all you Instapundit cult members…”

    So make us feel welcome: Show us a puppy in a blender!

  18. Baddy Says:

    I could be mistaken, but it does appear as though his ‘can’ is carrying a can. :shock: :mrgreen:

  19. annika Says:

    dutch – deutch, what’s the difference.

    for great lager, go to denmark!

  20. Rich Says:

    and we are back to quickly remember why we never stopped by between instalanches …


  21. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Aw man. That one stings.

  22. Heather Says:

    >A message to all you Instapundit cult members:
    >You know, last time you came by, you
    >just popped in, used us and went on your way.

    Now you know how we really feel about you.

  23. Conrad Says:

    >You know, last time you came by, you
    >just popped in, used us and went on your way.

    Kinda like a public toilet, except the PT smells better.

  24. Norman Walker Says:

    Green Helmet had been on Sean Penn’s crew
    when they forgot to put the plug in in their boat drain hole. That is why he is wading.

  25. Yiddish Steel Says:

    If it softens the blow a little, I was a “New Orleans Looter” for Halloween last year.

  26. Swen Swenson Says:

    Hey Geraldo! Look what I found in that lady’s trunk, man!

  27. Jim Says:

    :???:20th Century Fox is in…um…Century City.

  28. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    That’s the great thing about the blogosphere. On the really important stuff, there are fact-checkers galore to make sure no inaccuracies go uncorrected. Thanks Jim!

  29. Kruel Says:

    If you really want to know why you get less traffic then you might like try rating the quality, and thought involved in, the comments posted on your board.


  30. Says:

    Featured on BuzzTracker…

  31. jim Says:

    Credit for the Green Helmet Guy in Nawleans goes to Reuters, “fake but accurate, experts say!”

  32. Don Singleton Says:


  33. Tantor Says:

    “After a long day for Hezbollah of shooting Katyusha rockets into Israeli cities,

  34. Stop The ACLU Says:

    Sunday Funnies…

    image courtesy of faithmouse
    Barking Moonbat has some talking dogs.
    Dean defines Disco.
    Allah Pundit takes a look at Mel Gibson’s latest movie.
    Point Five is escaping a cave of bears.
    Iowahawk gets funky!
    My Pet Jawa shares a motivational sp…

  35. Ken S, Fifth String on the Banjo of Life Says:

    I don’t have much to add to the Katrina anniversary, but I did happen to find out where one former NOLA resident moved.

  36. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Thanks Ken! That’s the spirit!

  37. Agent Bedhead » Remembering Hurricane Katrina Says:

    [...] – See also the unrelenting Six Meat Buffet and the eloquent American Princess [...]

  38. In Human News » Blog Archive » Bitter Fruit of News Says:

    [...] Although the situation is far from resolved, it’s been overtaken by the anniversary of Katrina and an airplane crash in Kentucky! Now, I might be wrong – but how come is it that all the major media seem to switch stories at practically the same time? Is it possible – *gasp* – that they’re just copying their top stories from one another, from Reuters and CNN and the like? Is it possible that we have a glut of reporters who’re nothing more than – literal – copy-writers? [...]

  39. mishu Says:

    Someone needs to tell him, “Heineken! Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!”

  40. Doug Says:

    This thread can’t pass without at least a nod to the memory of the roving death squads who ambushed, dismembered, and then wore the untanned hides of rescue and hospital workers. Or George Bush’s vivisection of drowning kittens, or Nightline having baby harp seals flown in to be clubbed at the scene.

  41. captainfish Says:

    You know, you all need to be more respectful. How often in history has one city been the only city blown away by a hurricane? I mean, when that hurricane came in, it nailed N.O. straight on, stayed right over it, and then disappeared not touching even a tree outside of the county. We need to remember all those who were trapped and unable to leave the city because of the dike walls surrounding it like a concentration camp. We must also remember the failed attempts by the engineers of that fine city to place it under the ocean so that damage like this could never happen again. Yeah, sure, they were able to lower the city several feet below the sea level, but more needs to be done. This is where the federal government can play a very secretive and key role in providing funds and media coverage. With the governments help and yours, N.O will never rise above again.

  42. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Very sneaky, Fish. But I agree with your premise. Do not rebuild a city below sealevel.

  43. captainfish Says:


    Is it time to start building domed-cities?

    oh wait, the lefties would love that toooo much as it would almost predicate massive federal control, spending, welfare, contracts for vast in numbers and size of mass transit services so that people can get in and out of the few portals.

  44. Junkyard Ballerina Says:

    smantix…I hate to bring up the obvious, but Heineken is Dutch beer, not German.

    Yea, I’ve brought up enough of it, it’s obvious.

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