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Banned By The U.S. Government

October 13th, 2006 at 8:02 am by Cranky

It appears that the U.S. Department of the Interior has Columbia University students manning the Internet filters.

From the Gates of Vienna

This email just came in from a reader:


I’m a long-time reader, without ever actually commenting on anything. Yesterday the U.S. Department of the Interior installed blocking software on their entire network. Gates of Vienna is now blocked, as are all sites with a .blogspot URL. Also blocked are other conservative blogs, such as Wizbang.

Blocked Blogs:
Captain’s Quarters
Cox and Forkum
Gates of Vienna
Little Green Footballs
Michael J. Totten
Michelle Malkin
Power Line
Protein Wisdom
Rantings of a Sandmonkey
Roger L. Simon
The Adventures of Chester
The American Thinker
The Belmont Club
The Doctor is In

Blogs not blocked
Democrat Underground
America blog
The Huffington Post

I can assure you that Six Meat Buffet, though not listed above, is banned. We have never had a link from the Dept. of the Interior.

On the other hand, some of our biggest fans are from the Dept. of Agriculture.

So, if you suspect you’ve been banned or just want to show your solidarity, why not sport one of these badges of honor? (Courtesy of Sean Gleeeeson)


21 Responses to “Banned By The U.S. Government”

  1. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Funny – I do know that we’re banned from several private companies in the Nashville area. Apparently, we’re “offensive” and “tasteless” to whatever filters they’re using. This troubles me and I can only recommend that users find a way to use a secure filter-busting application like proxify or a secure RSS reader to get around these silly restrictions.

    Tasteless and offensive? Us? Naaaaah.

  2. Gordon Says:

    These filters catch certain offensive words like “personal accountability”, “supply-side economics” and, of course, “Islamobleatfuktard”.

  3. jesusland joe Says:

    No, Gordon, I have a spy in the Department, and he says that anything that has to do with that dreaded word, that callous noun, the one word that is kryptonite to all liberals, whisper it now, “common sense”, is banned for ever and ever, and a day! That takes out 99% of the conservative blogs.

  4. Billy Says:

    Actually, I suspect The Buffet is banned because of a strong anti-toad sentiment.

    Think about it. Has a pro-toad speaker ever been invited to Columbia University?

    Has any politician ever run on a pro-toad platform?

    It’s the worst kind of bigotry of course.

  5. Swamp Rabbit Says:

    ALL YOUR- Captain’s Quarters Cox and Forkum
    Gates of Vienna Little Green Footballs
    Michael J. Totten Michelle Malkin Power Line Protein Wisdom Rantings of a Sandmonkey
    Roger L. Simon The Adventures of Chester
    The American Thinker The Belmont Club
    The Doctor is In Wizbang-ARE BELONG TO US

    Uncle Sam,

  6. Yiddish Steel Says:

    Exactamundo, Gord-o! BANNED!! Hey, JJ… Have you ever noticed that “common sense” really is not that common?!

  7. stikNstein….has no mercy » Blog Archive » Dept. of the Interior……Revises list of Supported Species Says:

    [...] STIKNSTEIN is Banned by the Center for Disease Control and listed as an annoying VIRUS but easily eliminated by washing your hands…. Six Meat Buffet USDA approved [...]

  8. Cranky Says:

    Tell me about it, Billy. I suspect there is some sort of Toad genocide going on since I haven’t seen the little fellas in the last two weeks.

    I’m sure there is a scientific reason. I’ve noticed that due to Global Warming, the days have been getting shorter and the trees appear to be dying. There is something Inconvenient about it but I cannot put my finger on it.

  9. Billy Says:

    Swampy…I was just waiting for you to pull that one out again. I see the therapy didn’t take.

    (You missed 6mb)

    Cranky…I think it’s all part of the big Bush consipiracy. Global Warming, Hezbollah, Keith Olbermann, Toads disappearing, 9/11, Air America going bankrupt…it’s all part of a brilliant plan orchestrated by our commander-in-chief:


  10. jesusland joe Says:

    Yeah, Yiddish, and I also noticed it is two words. Damn, that speed blogging got me again. But the “phrase” still stumps the liberals.

  11. Sharon Cobb Says:

    Why Billy…
    You took the words right out of my mouth.


    [...]   SixMeatBuffet got a lead about how the Department of Interior is banning access to its workers of conservative blogs but not liberal blogs. [...]

  13. LindaSoG Says:

    I’m told that the effort is being made to keep workers working and that the sites that generate a lot of “work hours” hits are the ones that are getting blocked.

  14. annika Says:

    Hey, we’re all banned in China, aren’t we?

  15. Cranky Says:

    Linda, and KOS doesn’t get a lot of traffic? Maybe not at the DOI.

    Annika, that is a badge of honor.

  16. Skul Says:

    In the interest of fair-play, diversity and free speech, ALL conservative blogs are hereby banned. LindaSoG does make an interesting point however.

    Billy, there are already toads in congress — one of which — Toady Kennedy.

  17. Billy Says:


    I’d be really careful about comparing any slimeball in Congress to a toad. Cranky will take serious offense to that and you might find yourself banned.

    ESPECIALLY Kennedy. As far as I know, a toad has never been responsible for killing a young woman.

  18. Skul Says:

    Very true Billy. However, there always seems to be a black toad in every family. Fortunately it’s rather rare as toads usually police their own. I suspect he’s kept around as a warning to others.

  19. LindaSoG Says:

    Cranky, this is what I received from a friend:

    “come on Linda, don’t be an ass, you’re smarter than that. non-work related internet visits during working hours has resulted certain sites being blocked for access from the office. if they’re conservative sites, well, those are the sites being looked at during working hours. they didn’t block kos because no one is looking at it from the office, who the hell reads kos anyway?”

    Really, why would the government block its friends and keep its enemies?

  20. Cranky Says:

    Linda, you may have been right. That is about as generous as I get.

  21. LindaSoG Says:

    Of course, even if I’m right Cranky, it wouldn’t mean you’re wrong!

    smooches on ya!

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