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When The GOP Goes Down in November…

October 14th, 2006 at 5:13 pm by Preston Taylor Holmes

This is a good list of reasons of why it happened.

Though I would add that Bush (and the GOP) not backing up the Bush Doctrine when Israel tried to apply it against Hizbollah should have been included. If you’re not going to back up your own “doctrine” then don’t have a doctrine, you half-assed pansies.

Annika adds… I would also add that Katrina, at least as mis-reported by the media (which ignored the positive non-NOLA aspects) increased general dissatisfaction with the government among the middle third of voters.

UPDATE: Insty keeps adding good stuff to this post. By the time it’s done, it will be the definitive pre-and-post-mortem of the GOP’s many miscues (leading to the highly likely loss of power in both the House and Senate) over the last several years. It’s interesting that Captain “Not-One-Dime” Ed seems to be eager to tow the GOP line when it gets close to election day. He is far too wise to ignore the fact that the GOP has still not earned that one damn dime back.

Insty sums up the main problem with the GOP with classic deftness:

I’m not asking for perfection here. Just a little effort.

If you have anything to add to the list of GOP dropped balls, please chime in, because there have been so many that we’ve surely forgotten a few.

10 Responses to “When The GOP Goes Down in November…”

  1. annika Says:

    I would also add that Katrina, at least as mis-reported by the media (which ignored the positive non-NOLA aspects) increased general dissatisfaction with the government among the middle third of voters.

  2. Billy Says:


    As usual you are dead on. Right now I feel like expressing MY dissatisfaction with both parties with the middle third of my fingers…

  3. Yiddish Steel Says:

    Uhhh… How about letting John McCain being the litmus test for what libs think a Republican should be.

  4. Sharon Cobb Says:

    I think we (libs) are more inclined to like Rudy, as he is pro choice and pro gay rights, though that could change in 2007.
    It wasn’t that long ago that McCain had balls. So…
    PS–Happy Simchat Torah

  5. Alabama Liberation Front Says:

    It’s official: GOP, R.I.P….

    Let me explain why it is so important to begin early explaining how and why the Republican Party lost its way: Because the GOP establishment elite — which I consider most blameworthy in this debacle — is already trying to pin the blame on others….

  6. DSkinner Says:

    Ah Sharon, thanks for describing the Left’s position. As long as genocide will still be committed, you will vote for the guy. That’s what you guys care about most, killing babies. And to think it was the Left shouting ‘baby killer’ during the late ’60s.

  7. ‘06 Elections « Checksum Crusader Says:

    [...] UPDATE II: More thoughts here. [...]

  8. Sharon Cobb Says:

    I care deeply about genocide. That is why I am raising the money and putting a crew together to go to Darfur and tape what is really going on. That is truly genocide, and I’m not going to stand by and do nothing.
    If you are referring to being pro choice, then we simply have different opinions. I care deeply about life, and consider myself pro life. Once a child is born, I want to make sure that life has a reaonable chance of having a life and has access to healthcare and to loving parents and education and isn’t threatened in any way or harmed because a parent(s) didn’t want a child.
    I think everyone who wants to stop abortion should agree to adopt an unwanted child, because so many of you who care about a fetus forget about it once it is out of the womb.
    We may disagree on when life begins, but we all agree that once it can live on its own outside of the mother and is breathing on its own, that that is a life. And that life is not valued when forced to be abused by a parent who is on drugs who didn’t want it and then people who call themselves pro life don’t want social programs to help that child get away from the abusive parent and become a functioning member of society.
    There is some middle ground here, but both sides are so far from even considering it that it’s a moot point trying to discuss it.

  9. Kofi Annan Says:

    For the record, I don’t give a rat’s ass about genocide…

  10. michele Says:

    “I think everyone who wants to stop abortion should agree to adopt an unwanted child, because so many of you who care about a fetus forget about it once it is out of the womb.”

    I understand no reasonable person actually loves the idea of abortion. If we campaigned in our country for adoption the way we campaign for the fight against Breast Cancer it could really take people in a positive direction.
    There have been plenty of babies saved here in Knoxville by an adoption agency who works with Planned Parenthood and helps women make a more informed decision. There are so many pro-life people who wouldn’t darken the door of a Planned Parenthood unless they were there to shout and grab people, but they were willing to assume the workers inside were reasonable people who would welcome them.

    We just can’t let fear of irate people decide for us how to logically debate the question, or we will never find an acceptable solution. And it will just be more divide and conquer by our politicians.

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