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80′s Nostalgia / Max Headroom Bleg

October 25th, 2006 at 11:47 am by Cranky

Some of us at the Buffet have had a grand old time trading 80 music trivia and memories. So without further ado, Eighties Icon, Max Headroom.

Now for the bleg part. Does anyone have an avi or wmv of Max? It need only be a couple of seconds. I have something nasty in mind.


7 Responses to “80′s Nostalgia / Max Headroom Bleg”

  1. Billy Says:


    Sorry I can help with the Headroom wmv…especially since I don’t even know what a wmv is…

    But I am looking forward to what you will do with Max.

    BTW, since we have a Tubing thread…I found this the other night:

    Yes…the redhead zipping around with the rocket around his waist is Danny Elfman

  2. reverse_vampyr Says:

    I LOVE Max Headroom! Thanks for posting the vid.

    (now where’d I put all those audio files of Max’s pithy quotes…)

  3. Cranky Says:

    That has got to be the *worst* cover of “Dead Man’s Party” ever.

  4. Doug Says:

    Is MPEG alright? I can convert, if not

  5. LissaKay Says:

    First, get Firefox. Then install the Greasemonkey extension. And the, get the YouGet script from so you have a download link on all the YouTube pages.

    Then, using Windows Movie Maker, slice and dice your video download however you like. Save the result as wmv.

    Then, go to eRightSoft and get SUPER, which is an excellent free video file converter. It even has presets for iPod and PSP video.

    Did I mention that all of this is FREE? :smile:

  6. Cranky Says:

    Lissa, I am forever indebted to you! Thanks!!

  7. Robert the Llama Butcher Says:

    Lawks, I haven’t seen Max in years and years! Thanks!

    My first thought on watching this vid, tho, was the Jim Carrey ripped off every single one of his facial tics from Mr. Headroom.

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