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It’s Jihad, Charlie Brown

October 28th, 2006 at 2:07 pm by Preston Taylor Holmes

(Via the Jawa)

Funniest, most offensive thing I’ve seen in a long time (especially since I’ve always been a big Peanuts fan). Reminds me of this oldie, but goodie.

31 Responses to “It’s Jihad, Charlie Brown”

  1. Gordon Says:

    Just perfect!

  2. American Dinosaur Says:

    Saturday Stuff…

    IowaHawk has the goods on the Aussie Imam We do not have to prove what ass backward knuckledraggers the leadership of the “Religion of Death” are, they are doing it for us. Keep up the good work. 80′s Midget Band……

  3. Lee Says:

    “That’s not such a bad little bomb, it just needs a little hate.”

    Wow. Good stuff.

  4. Stop The ACLU Says:

    Sunday Funnies…

    image courtesy of faithmouse
    Fighting the Left has lots of funnies!
    Frank J at IMAO draws us a picture of what it would be like with democrats in charge.
    Point Five is lifting the veil to understand the Muslim woman.
    Barking Moonbat has some Sunday …

  5. Flight Pundit » Blog Archive » It’s Jihad, Charlie Brown Says:

    [...] I love Charlie Brown, but he has been assimilated [...]

  6. MEC2 Says:


  7. Inoperable Terran » It’s Jihad, Charlie Brown! Says:

    [...] CAIR definitely won’t like this. Everyone else: 50,000x drink alert. Posted by Ian S. in [...]

  8. D Says:

    Finally, a Charlie Brown I can understand.

  9. The New Editor Says:

    Charlie Brown’s Jihadi Christmas…

    Very, very funny, and, as Six Meat Buffet writes, very offensive. Good, I’m glad. (via Six Meat Buffet)

  10. ic Says:


    But, want to bet how long YouTube will let Farley Brown stay on? Or how soon will you be sued by the Schultz(?) estate?

  11. DaveK Says:

    I tried to find this at YouTube and I think its been pulled.

  12. Ace of Spades HQ Says:

    A Charlie Brown Jihad…

    Even I’m offended…….

  13. spurwing plover Says:

    Should the owners of the copyright sue over this? their a bunch of BLOCKHEADS:mad:

  14. Exit Zero Says:

    Good grief, Borat!…

    If Borat doesn’t strike a body blow against political correctness, this Charlie Brown Jihad sure will.

  15. mhyman Says:

    How about a sequel, “‘It’s the Great Satan’, Charlie Brown”?

  16. The Southern California Law Blog » Tyranny of Copyright - Part XX (It’s The Fascist Copyright Police, Charlie Brown!) Says:

    [...] First set of questions:  Do you think that this work is hilarious? (Or at least creative and that people should be allowed to see it?) [Hat-tip: Instapundit] [...]

  17. Patterico’s Pontifications » Charlie Brown’s Jihad On The West - A Blogger’s Jihad On Copyright Law Says:

    [...] This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. [Hat-tip: Instapundit] [...]

  18. luban Says:

    pretty lame I say! unfunny and unless you’re actually a muslim unoffensive. Any body who needs an imaginary friend in adulthood deserves to be ridiculed, but hell of a lot more than this.

  19. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    It looks like this was first aired on Comedy Central at some point (if you’ll notice the logo in the lower right) then posted on Youtube and MediaFetcher by whoever. I would assume that whatever Comedy Central show it was on wasn’t afraid of the copyright police – posting television clips on Youtube and similar sites I suppose is where all this copyright business will eventually shake out.

    Except for Cranky’s movies. He’s in the clear.

    As for you, luban, go squat on an iron rod.

  20. Billy Says:


    Don’t you think you were a little tough on Luban?

    I mean, I read his comment twice and I still don’t know what the hell he was trying to say.

  21. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Yeah, probably, Billy. But, it’s been a while since I’ve needlessly attacked a commenter and thought this was as good a time as any.

  22. amcgltd Says:

    Olivia will Have to Wait Awhile Until She Sees This One…

    It’s a Jihad, Charlie Brown! Tasteless, crass, and violent. Also damned funny and appropriate. Well, sort of. Via Instapundit…….

  23. luban Says:

    if there are any doubts as to what I was trying to say is that author of this cartoon could have thought of funnier scenarios but I suppose considering the lenght of the clip there are limitations to what one can do. Also that attacking/questioning unreasonable belief should be standart. Believing that if you blow yourself up you will get 72 virgins is an equivalent to believing 2+2=5.

    Preston, are you flirting with me?

  24. Billy Says:

    OK Luban, I think I see your point a little more.

    But sticking to the theme on this post…and of today…I’d equate “believing that if you blow yourself up you will get 72 virgins” to belief in the Great Pumpkin.

    Only belief in the Great Pumpkin is a little more plausible.

  25. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Keep on dreamin’ Luban. I don’t swing that way without at least a blood-alcohol level of .15.

  26. Skul Says:

    “Stop the aclu” stopped by? That’s cool. I can’t seem to stop visiting their site either.

  27. luban Says:

    I was bit worried for awhile, but now I know to stay away when you’re drinking..:-)

    Glad you got the point Billy.

  28. ZB Says:

    Well it’s strange, I’m actually a Muslim and I didn’t find it that offensive… it’s barely funny too, it reminds me of 4th grade humor.
    I think the way South Park trats Christianity is a lot more offensive than this.

  29. Muslim Unity Says:

    I think some people who are Muslims might get very upset. It is best to have warning before shoing such things according to me.

  30. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    Look everybody! An angry muslim! You don’t see THAT every day!

  31. Billy Says:

    Don’t antagonize him, Preston! And whatever you do, please do not make ANY references to how violent Muslims can be…you KNOW what happens then!

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