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December 1st, 2006 at 9:31 pm by Preston Taylor Holmes

Vengeance is a dish best served cold… No, wait. Actually, it’s best served piping hot like the combo dinner I just picked up from Casa Don Gallo right down the street.

MKH finally pays the piper for her Georgia Bulldogs’ brutal defeat earlier in the season. She’s a woman of her word. One of her many strong suits….

Thanks, MKH!

8 Responses to “Vanquished!”

  1. michele Says:

    Is that you in the background? Lookin’ good!:wink:

  2. Feisty Says:

    Does the large Marge in back have a hat on or a really askew wig/f’ed up hairdo?

  3. michele Says:

    That’s what we call TBH. Tennessee big hair. She looks a bit like a white Shirley Wilson from “What’s Happenin’” to me.

  4. Feisty Says:

    In high school, I had an English teacher with a similar hairdo who made us read Ethan Frome. I called the hairdo the “Frome Dome.”

  5. michele Says:

    Hmmm. Me too. Mrs. Doak.

  6. Swamp Rabbit Says:

    Looks like Git-er-done and his sister.

  7. Yiddish Steel Says:

    Like my mama used to say, “Tennessee Toddie; all ass, and no body.”

  8. annika Says:

    MKH, workin like heck!

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