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If This is a Joke…

September 30th, 2007 at 10:23 pm by Preston Taylor Holmes

It’s a damn sick one.

And look who else is back.

3 Responses to “If This is a Joke…”

  1. Vinnie Says:

    I’ve only known one blogger who said “I quit” and actually quit. Because his site is totally gone. Anyone who “quits” and leaves the site up hasn’t really “quit.”

    That being said, I see you bet on Oklahoma, Texas, Rutgers, West Virginia, and Florida this week.

    Please, please pick Missouri next week. Use your powers for good!


  2. Smanttix Says:


    All this coming out of retirement gives me an idea…

  3. WuzzaDem Says:

    And Now…We Resume Blogging, As Though We Never Said Anything About “Quitting”…

    “Whaaaat? Oh, come on, that was satire! UPDATE: I can’t believe this guy copied us by coming back three days before we did. Wait a second…oh, never mind. No, it’s not a joke. Hey, watch the language, salty….

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