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October 18th, 2007 at 8:48 am by Preston Taylor Holmes

I just discovered LanceRussell.Com. For those of us who grew up suckling at the teet of Memphis wrestling, this is reason for rejoicing. For the rest of you, tough luck.

Check out this video. Classic.

16 Responses to “Cyber-Banana-Nose”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    Oh, yeah. Every Monday night at the Coloseum.

  2. Yiddish Steel Says:

    Rasslin’s fake!

  3. Swamp Rabbit Says:

    PTH, Remember the Rock & Roll express, Joe LaDuke, Bill Dundee, Hansome Jimmy Valiant, Jimmy Hart? MEMPO- DADDY!!!

  4. Swamp Rabbit Says:

    oop’s MEMPHO

  5. Swamp Rabbit Says:

    Oh and the Jerret guys,,, Okay I’ll stop it now.

  6. TinyElvis Says:

    If I could just get my hands on that idiot Scott Bowden, I would put the boots to him. Ten years later, it still pisses me off they way that he took credit for creating and training champions. We all know the truth. He made a career out of hitching his wagon to bonafide stars and corrupting them with his snake-oil.

  7. Brian McMurphy Says:

    That galloping sound you just heard was a bunch of Democrats running to the clinic to get their shots up to date.

  8. A. Kaufman Says:

    You Tennessee morons, your toothless women and your wrasslin’. Lawler was my bitch….

    (How do I get out of this box?)

  9. News 2 Me Says:

    Who knows where LR was before Mayumfis?

  10. Carl Says:

    My Grandaddy took me to the TV tapings at WMC back in the 70′s when I was a kid. He was friends with the GM there so we would get there before they brought in the peanut gallery (e.g. – the fans that sat in the small bleachers behind the ring). So I got to meet many of the wrestlers breaking kayfabe. For example, Lawler and Superstar Bill Dundee went through probably dozens of feuds and partnerships through the years but they lived close to each other and many times would come to the TV station together. So when they were working a feud angle, it was surreal to see them come in together chatting it up. Sometimes bringing in the kids. I can’t remember if it was Lawler’s son or Dundee’s son, but I remember being allowed to climb in the ring running around, bouncing off the ropes and making a heckuva racket with one of their kids when I was little, too.

    I have loads of Memphis wrestling memories.

    Oh and by the way Swamp Rabbit, he spelled it “Jos LeDuc.” I remember all you mention as well as “Colonel” Buck Robley, Sputnik Monroe, Hippy Boyette, Tojo Yamamoto, Jackie Fargo (where would Ric Flair be without the famous “Fargo Strut”?), Sam Bass, the Mongolian Stomper, “Dirty” Dutch Mantell and many others. And I grew up in the era where Lance Russell anounced with Dave Brown.

  11. Donna Locke Says:

    LIVE from the Hippodrome in Nashville, Tennessee … I’ll never forget it — sitting on my grandmother’s living room floor with a big bowl of popcorn. She never missed it.

  12. Donna Locke Says:

    Carl, remember Len Rossi? Here’s what he does these days, as far as I know. He also does some writing about health and nutrition.

  13. Carl Says:

    Donna, I probably saw him wrestle a lot back then and probably met him at WMC-TV but I honestly don’t remember specifically. I do recognize the name being a fan of southern pro wrestling since the late 60′s when I was a little kid watching shows on TV. Another Memphis wrestler I do remember a lot is Phil Hickerson.

  14. Swamp Rabbit Says:

    Hey Carl,, Phil Hickerson and Bill Dundee can be found most anytime (now days) in Jackson TN, operating a night club(s). Sorry, I don’t recall the spots name(s) at the moment.

  15. News 2 Me Says:

    I could swear that Russell worked at WHBQ-TV in Memphis which was ABC at the time. I can’t remember WMCT having rasslin’. I guess the memory is the second thing to go.

  16. Carl Says:

    WHBQ did air wrestling and Dave Brown did work there but Brown ended up with WMC as did Jerry Lawler. There’s a good retrospective on the Commercial Appeal’s website at

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