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California Wildfires and Planning Ahead

October 28th, 2007 at 12:27 pm by TinyElvis

Not to make a tragedy too political, but I believe this clearly demonstrates that you should not depend on anyone (especially government) to take care of your interests.

From the OC Register:

Taking care of business

And the description…

The Modjeska Canyon home of David Edgar, a U.S. Forest Safety officer, is completely surrounded by charred earth but his home remains untouched by the fire. By clearing brush several hundred feet in all directions around his property he has now saved his home from fires for the second time.

In the days following the fires, we have heard quite a bit about how the fires were fed by the amount of fuel available due to the lack of brush clearing. The reason for the abundance of fuel? The state government, fire control, and environmental groups could not agree on when and where brush clearing should occur.

Lesson learned:

If you wait on someone else to clear the brush, your home burns. If you take care of business yourself, your home does not burn.

5 Responses to “California Wildfires and Planning Ahead”

  1. Nigel Says:

    GREAT post Tiny…

    My friend in Ramona had his home spared because he methodically clears brush and weeds in a 30-yard swath around his home every summer. The heat from the flames singed his fence slightly, but because there was nothing to burn around his house all he really had was some ash to clean up.

    The week was full of stories of self-sufficiency vs. government inefficiency. Example…Qualcomm Stadium. On Monday morning the City of San Diego basically unlocked the doors and turned it over to charities, churches and private businesses who were there to help. There were few lines and everyone got fed and sheltered.

    Then on Thursday morning…with less than 20% of the number of evacuees that had been there earlier…the City of San Diego showed up. I arrived at 8am to be greeted by 5 city employees standing around and a line for the volunteers waiting to get in. They wanted to know who I was despite my identification badge and the fact that I had been posted just inside Gate A ALL WEEK FOR 13 HOURS A DAY. I had been there all week busting my ass…these dolts show up and create confusion, lines and tension.

    Not that I am bitter. It was a slight diversion from what was otherwise a memorable week.

  2. tim zank Says:

    While the homeowners self sufficiency is in fact admirable, one must not condone this behavior! By removing the brush, he may have saved his home and a few lives, but the real horror here is the the yellow speckled 3 footed hopping gila lizard no longer has a 30 foot safety strip in which to graze, and THAT my friends is inhumane! I’m calling Jamie Lee Curtis right now, (even though she’s not really hot anymore) I want her to know I stand behind her in removing the humans!!!!!

  3. Yiddish Steel Says:

    I just want my cheese, my trailer, and my $5K debit card, bitchez! I got strippers and booze to buy.

  4. dsmith Says:

    I will never forget how the dummies were all over Ronald Reagan for this. He would go to his ranch in CA and clear brush, constantly. The dummies, of course, tried to make him out like he was a “pretend cowboy” (what does that have to do with clearing brush?), and make him out like he was just busying himself so he didn’t have to go back to the WH, but, according to Reagans diaries, he did it for just THIS purpose!

    The dummies will NEVER get it! And spose Hillary or Silky get the spot, many more will fall for the “goverment is here to protect/save you from yourself” bs that has caught on like wildfire (no pun) since FDR.

    I pray for my fellow Americans. Please let the dummies lose! Once you give a handout, people expect it ala New Orleans. Those people had NO IDEA how to take care of themselves. Then, blamed the government for not saving them from themselves…

    /end rant (having a lot of those these days!)

  5. Victor Says:

    “Clearing brush” is one of those jobs libs want the illegal aliens to do for ‘em. ‘Cause, you know, you might get your hand dirty or (God forbid!) a blister.

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