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Florida Mavericks Join the Original Maverick, Old Media Collapses in Bliss Attack

January 30th, 2008 at 9:18 am by Preston Taylor Holmes


The left is getting exactly what it wants this election year… well, maybe with the exception of that little nasty race/gender war that they’re trying to keep a lid on over in Dim-O-Crack land. They’ve been pushing hard to get their boy McCain the GOP (RIP) nomination, and it looks like they may have succeeded.

McCain’s Sunshine State support came from the elderly (always a reliable conservative base), independents (i.e. Democrats crossing over to vote in the GOP primary to give Mac an little boost), moderates (i.e. country club republicans who need somebody to pick their lettuce), and, of course, Hispanics (i.e. la raza).

McCain is the perfect GOP encore to President Junior. The only issue either one of them has right is the war on terror. But just watch as the rightosphere falls in line behind the candidate that the leftist establishment has worked to put in place. And, ironically, the very same Maverick who as been shitting in the mouth of the conservative base and telling them it’s a hot fudge sundae. With nuts. Not Ron Paul nuts, but nuts enough.

And times is tough this year, since any of these guys will be fairly easy prey for Obama Hussein and his Oprah Army™ to beat, especially since the electorate gets 4-years-dumber every Presidential election cycle. Yeah, I’m a little bitter.

The only actual straight talk to come from the Straight Talk Express this primary season has been this Freudian slip from La Raza McCain backer Mel Martinez…

I saw this on Fox last night and thought I was hearing things. Thanks, youtube! I, for one, would like to welcome our new Mexican overlords by spending the next 9 months brushing up on my Spanish and converting my dollars to pesos since the peso will be more valuable come November.

6 Responses to “Florida Mavericks Join the Original Maverick, Old Media Collapses in Bliss Attack”

  1. Yiddish Steel Says:


    Ninguna necesidad de preocuparse por pesos cuando estaremos utilizando “Ameros”.

    Es muy espantoso!

  2. annika Says:

    couldn’t have said it better, boss! Is there any hope at all?

  3. Nigel Says:

    Thanks Yiddish…why didn’t you post that at OUR site?

  4. Nigel Says:

    Oh…now I see…a little conspiratorial with some trutherism swirled in…

    Screw it. I’m posting it anyway…maybe we can get some nutjob traffic

  5. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    I don’t know, annika, I just don’t know.

    But as long as you’re hanging around, I’ll feel better about things.

  6. Swamp Rabbit Says:

    GOP died when Fred said “No mas”.

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