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Worse Than “Button Men”

July 22nd, 2008 at 7:35 am by Brian

Last year local ABC blogger Adam Kleinheider and his former co-worker got themselves into a little hot water after comparing U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan to mafia hitmen.   Local radio talker Steve Gill picked up on the story and statewide humiliation ensued.   Channel 2 eventually felt the heat and decided to pull the plug on their blogging adventure that, though able to generate controversy, rarely brought reward.

Turn the page. It’s a year later and Kleinheider has since been rehired by the Nashville Post to do essentially the same job.  Though the mast has changed, the smears remain the same:

First, You Get The Money, Then You Get The Power, Then You Can Commit The Genocide
By Kleinheider Posted on July 21, 2008 at 4:50 pm


Bush and Blair’s crimes against humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan dwarf, at least in the number of deaths and displaced persons, the terrible situation in Darfur. The highest estimate of Darfur casualties is 400,000, one-third the number of Iraqis who have died as a result of Bush’s invasion. Moreover, the conflict in the Sudan is an internal one, whereas Bush illegally invaded two foreign countries—war crimes under the Nuremberg Standard.

As a testament to the once respectable Nashville Post’s complete lack of  readership, Kleinheider will most likely get a free pass on his endorsement of the crackpot, blatantly false, and defamatory comments by former Reagan official Paul Craig Roberts who has parlayed that mantle into being a “paleo” lackey for and Counterpunch.

The pattern still fits.  Referencing “Scarface” to compare the US military under genocidal orders from their war criminal leaders to gangsters and Nazis (that’s who was prosecuted at Nuremberg, right?).  Intentionally lying about the legality of US intervention in removing the Taliban in Afghanistan and absolving the Congress who approved going to war in Iraq and continues funding it to the fullest.  Exaggerating the Iraqi death toll and laying every murder committed by al Qaeda in Iraq, Iranian backed insurgents, and Baathist holdouts at the doorstep of American soldiers.

If the Nashville Post had any standards they would retract that post.  The Post used to be the one last outlet that I gave any credit to as far as straight reporting.  However, they’ve sought to continue financially watering the weed of Kleinheider’s existence given his history of completely out-of-bounds comments.

The Nashville Post gets dropped from my feed reader this morning.  You knew what he was when you picked him up.

One Response to “Worse Than “Button Men””

  1. Serr8d Says:

    I knew the minute I first encountered ACK (that oh-so ‘Hard Right‘ conservative guy, right?) that he was a pretentious sham, a lying jackass. Who would do anything to ‘fit in’ with his progressive buddies (Sean Braisted &c) and post just enough pasty pretend conservatism to seem sensible.

    Before his “Button Men” screwup, Kleinheider invented the term “Murdercon” to describe Conservatives who supported the war. And applied that term to Fred Thompson. That post is missing.

    And, what is this “Nashville Post” of which you speak?

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