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The Problem With Electing A Sissy President

March 14th, 2009 at 10:21 am by Brian


My, how times have changed – No Obama bicycle helmet need apply

After you abandon our allies on missile defense, after you send Carrot Top to execute your foreign policy, after you want to engage “the moderate wing” of the Taliban, after you lick the boot heel of Bashir, after you seek to give Hamas a billion dollars, after you’ve capitulated on every conceivable front – they still want to expand by putting long range bomber bases 90 miles off of your coast.

Weakness invites aggression.  Wash, rinse and doomed to repeat.

Apparently the locquacious commie-in-chief in Russia doesn’t take the weekend off to galavant around to Chicago bistros with his bitter half:

Zhikharev, who is the chief of staff of the Russian Air Force’s long-range aviation, said, “If the two chiefs of state display such a political will, we are ready to fly there.”

We’re going to be staring down the next Cuban Missile Crisis while Comrade Urkel blithely observes “unhelpful” provocateurs preparing for bombing runs 90 miles off our coast.   Those bombers aren’t going to deliver humanitarian aid and they aren’t there to deter the looming Mexican invasion of Cuba.

It’s a threat that is going to go unanswered.

Keep it up, Pooty.  We’ll have that radical, rightwing President with his finger back on the button soon enough.

Death to Venezuela!  Death to Chavez! ’10  Rain Hot Death on Raul Castro.

Now there’s some election slogans I can get behind.

Back to the “wimp” thing.  Politics as perception, etc., etc.   Bush might have been rocking the “Gorton’s Fisherman” look but no matter what side of the boat you come down on – this is straight-up gay.  All hands on the poop deck-type gay.


Putin’s in a judo outfit and catching salmon with his teeth next to a mountain stream while scolding a bear for standing too close and the Democrats give us Urkel on a bicycle and Kerry crawling around like the Neil Armstrong of test tube babies.

Symbolism matters.  Urkel on a bike is going to equal an as yet undetermined number of dead soldiers one day.

11 Responses to “The Problem With Electing A Sissy President”

  1. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    I’m sure glad we have the tough, strong dim-o-crack congress combined with the strong, tough-as-nails president to make these thugs reconsider. I know if I was Chavez, Putin or any of the Hitler-in-a-Headscarf tin-pot islamodictators, I would be shaking in by boots as I awaited the American response.

  2. Brian Says:

    Not to worry. Soon enough the US Army will be at the southern border attacking Texas and Arizona gun stores for contributing to the delinquency of Mexican drug cartels.

  3. Cranky Says:

    Maybe they didn’t see the video of the children singing, “Obama’s gonna lead ‘em”.

  4. michele Says:

    A friend of mine, who calls herself a liberal (she amuses me, so I keep her around) just told me she thought our country was in for it because we look so damn weak to the rest of the world.

    Like I said, she amuses me. Maybe it’s because she keeps saying she’s a liberal.

  5. Gabriel Syme Says:

    But, but, but Hillary pressed a symbolic red button! She. Pressed. A. Button. (Symbolic).

    Every little thing is gonna be arright.

  6. Brian Says:

    GS – you’re right. She was helping them to press a red button. Symbolic indeed.

    I’ll alert the Office Depot “that was Easy” button of a situation when we’re Defcon 2.

    Maybe he can have Biden pass Medvedev another one of those “Do You Like Me? Yes? No? Maybe?” notes like he passed to them last month. It’s bulletproof.

  7. Guaman Says:

    My Momma always said pick your battles. The basing if bombers in V’zuela, Cuba is not a big deal. We’re still living under ICBM threat and will at least until the apocalypse, then they’ll either have been spent, or have become unable to function.

    Placing bombers in Cuba – no threat. If the balloon goes up, you zap the bases in Cuba. Surface to air missiles and interceptors can deal with them with relative ease. In comparison to the ICBMs – they’re easy to counter.

    This is show, but nothing of substance. The anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe matter more as does any action in Georgia as they reflect on our credibility as an ally. Expend energy in that battle.

    I don’t care for the current President much and his policies not at all, but try to keep the criticism non-personal (references to appearance and such reflect badly on the speaker, not the subject). Not everything that the administration does is bad, e.g. sending destroyers to the South China Sea; good move, assertive and of serious magnitude to clarify our position and will. There might be others, but not many.

    No matter – I visit y’all everyday and thanks for posts up there for our enlightenment and consideration.

  8. Brian Says:

    But it does matter. There is symbolism in pissing on our gate.

    If this isn’t a big deal then what is? Urkel has left Georgia to twist in the wind. Yuschenko is going to be all but thrown out on his ear. Nixing Poland and the Czech Republic’s chance to defend themselves.

    Russia is on the march while we are abandoning our allies in the most maximum face-losing ways possible.

    The world is going to bet on the strong horse and unicorns don’t count.

    Where was the reference to appearance that reflects badly on me?

  9. 11B40 Says:


    While I agree with your assertions, I am reminded by the “Newsweek” cover of when I lost my faith in America.

    George H. W. Bush, the son of a wealthy US Senator, left college to defend his country in WWII as a fighter pilot and even got shot down. That anyone could declare someone with that personal history “wimpish” should be a jail-able offense.

    William J. Clinton never made an oath he could keep, lying to get out of agreed to military service and breaking his marriage vows on multiple occasions. That anyone could vote for this man for President of the United States should be a jail-able offense.

  10. Brian Says:

    Obama’s contrarian abs defy our pre-requisite that whoever runs for the Presidency actually loves this country.

    11B – I thought your “While I agree with your assertions” was going to be followed by a “but…”.

    I originally thought the wimp cover was from Time Magazine and I was going to contrast it with this month’s cover story about Obama being “A Man of Destiny”. As I went through their 1988-1992 archives, I saw Arsenio Hall (and how he defeated Johnny Carson on late-night tv) on one of the covers and thought that Obama is the Arsenio Hall of Presidents. That would make Biden his Ed McMahon.

    We, the studio constituency, are compelled to clap through a series of bad jokes.

    At this point, I required another drink….

  11. average_guy Says:

    “..the Neil Armstrong of test tube babies”.

    Classic line.

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