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Why is Keanu Sad?

June 8th, 2010 at 9:34 pm by Cranky

The latest internet meme going around has everyone Photoshopping this pic of a despondent Keanu captured by a paparazzi.

How could anyone pass this opportunity up? Here he is, all sad about the Jews not getting the hell out of Palestine.

More Keanu goodness from our friends at SnappedShot and Are We Lumberjacks?


B-Mac with my terrible MS Paint imagery.  Like, the Gulf Coast isn’t everybody’s First Priority ™.  Whoa.

3 Responses to “Why is Keanu Sad?”

  1. Brian L. Says:

    LOL! I can’t wait until I can sit down and give it a *real* try.

    My crappy low-budget first attempt:

  2. Brian Says:

    I picture him in the front row with the Obama’s while they’re singing along with Paul McCartney. Blithely and contemptibly unaware that our enemies are gathering against us and that leadership is not kneeling on a beach and rubbing a tar ball for a photo op.

  3. mr bob Says:

    THIS sucks i wanted to know why he is sad not about the pics he is photoshopped into. Go suck a rotten fish!!!!!!!!

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