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Judge Vaughn Walker has a message for California voters

August 4th, 2010 at 6:38 pm by Nigel

It’s this:

9 Responses to “Judge Vaughn Walker has a message for California voters”

  1. Don Bodell Says:

    Ronald Reagon’s gay federal judge delivered his message. California is now, officially, Kalifornikate. And, San FranKornHole is officially ButtFuckCity!

    Then again, what do you expect from an openly gay federal judge who took on the case of Prop 8 as an equal protection case and told the prop 8 attorneys they could not use an argument like opening up marriage to same sex couples as leading to other forms of marriage, like polygyny and polyamory.

    Well, Judge Walker, what DO you think it will lead to? More heteros getting married? No! More likely multiple gay men marrying in one marriage (gay polygyny–explain to me WHO has the vagina, or is this just a matter of postmodernism assuming the colon to be a “virtual vagina?”), multiple lesbians marrying in one marriage, of course hetero men marrying multiple women, Muslim men finally getting their four wives as according by the Koran and–finally!–if gay is the new black and bisexual is the new brown, the bisexuals will get to have multiple partners in polyamorous marriage.

    If you didn’t think this was worth the argument, Judge Walker, then just what DID you think was going to happen? Note in all cases, how the voter is scorned. First, the California Supreme Court threw out the original gay marriage ban (really it was about one man, one woman, one marriage and not “just” anti-gay marriage, but anti-ALL deviant forms of marriage), which resulted in the constitutional amendment known as prop 8. Now, we’re going to the 9th Circus Kort o’ Appeals (banana, I think). Oh, joy.

  2. Don Bodell Says:

    I think we should rewrite Scott McKenzie’s “If You’re Going to San Francisco” song.

    Well, Judge Walker has made his name.

  3. Something Wicked This Way Comes... Says:

    More proof and evidence that this government for the people, by the people no longer exists.

    It is run by government and the elite. Judges legislate morality and personal agendas from the bench.

    Our country is a fucking mess. The government runs our lives, the judiciary have gone ape shit mad, and the people go home every night and swill wine watching some reality TV bullshit. The MF media refuse to cover anything adverse regarding Obama as opposed to their feral hatred of Bush.

    Land of the free? Russia has more freedom than us.

  4. gloria Says:

    To judge Walker.. you failed to put democracy first. You have said to America not just California that democracy is no longer preeminent. You too have violated the constitution, you have let down our founding fathers. So now .. why vote? America is no longer America.

  5. Yiddish Steel Says:

    Judge Johnny Walker is gonna get his in the end.

  6. Preston Taylor Holmes Says:

    That’s exactly how he likes it, YS.

  7. RW Donn Says:

    The best thing the supreme court can do for education is to legalize gay marriage. By legalizing gay marriage, it will force public school systems across the country to teach the gay lifestyle and gay marriage as perfectly normal and mainstream sex lives. Which means it will be taught as a normal part of sex education.

    Can you imagine what 70% or more of the parents, single parents, parental households will do? Pull their children OUT of the public schools and IMMEDIATELY put them into private schools and private religious schools that DO NOT TEACH homosexuality as a normal and mainstream part of sex education!

    Yes, hope and change ARE coming! And, so is the end to the cultural civil war! We will FINALLY see a reckoning over extreme equality as being some kind of morality system for the federal courts. Parents, like others, will vote with their feet and their children, by puling their kids out of public schools. There will be no reason to continue with giant state ane federal education departments. There will be no reason to continue to complain about the influence of teachers’ unions and how damaging it is to public education. That influence will be gone!

    Yes, get proposition 8 to the Supreme Court as SOON as possible, and may the Supreme Court make a pro-14th amendment morality decision, thus giving gays and lesbians mainstream equality in marriage and mainstream equality in sex education! Finally! We will FIX the education system by destroying it with . . . GAY MARRIAGE and normalizing GAY SEX EDUCATION!!!!!

  8. Nigel Says:


    As much as I’d like to think your missive is similar to Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”, what you describe is ALREADY happening in California. And our public schools here are already collapsing, but not from parents taking their kids OUT of school, but from illegal alien parents putting their kids IN school.

    Nigel Jr. will NEVER see the halls of a California public school. We already have his pre, kindergarten, elementary and secondary private schools picked out…IF we stay in California that long.

  9. RW Donn Says:


    Nothing “Swiftian” about my arg. However, your point is well taken about illegal immigration and the collapse of public schools, esp. in the land of Californication. I have used the Roe v. Wade abortion decision as my model. Only with much greater and more far-reaching consequences with gay marriage. Once it is legal, there will be the push to “normalize” gay relationships and gay sex via teaching of children and televion shows/movies (these forms of “entertainment” already exist). And, I believe it will also open the courtroom door to legalize polygynous marriage (Muslim men will like that their Koran is respected and they get their 4 wives, too!), and polyamorous marriages (which will make the bisexuals very happy by having to have at least one of each sex in a marriage). I’m guessing that the women of America, yes even the feministas (mostly), will start realizing that maybe the cultural advance has been a bridge too far.

    But, to be more Swiftian in my approach, rather than advocating the consumption of Irish children as a food source, I say that we will, literally, be eating our old culture to replace is with a new one we will poop out of our . . . heads? Armpits? Universities? Literati?

    But, there is one nagging question for me. If gay marriage makes the “L” and the “G” in LGBT happy and legally content. And, if polyamorous marriage makes the “B” of LGBT legally satisfied and emotionally content, then what will we and the courts have to do for the “T” people?

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