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Why Is Reagan The Democrat’s New Favoritest President Evar?

July 23rd, 2011 at 3:17 pm by Brian

More than likely just to piss you off because they’re a completely petty bunch of bitches like that.  Also, that they’re petty at such high institutional levels that you can’t ignore them.  And that they’re disingenuous shitbirds who think we’re as historically ignorant as they are.

Which is impossible.

In the course of the last week, I’ve gotten TMJ syndrome from how frequently my jaw keeps dropping in response to the number of Leftists who insist that Ronald Reagan was actually a born again, tax and spend, compromising New Dealer.  What sayeth these leftwing Revisionists of their new Nicene Creed and the canonization of St. Ronnie?  Whatever their talking points memo tells them to because they’re a bunch of braindead cut-and-pasters:

After he switched to the Republican Party in 1962, Ronald Reagan famously quipped: “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.”Now, the Republican Party is doing the same thing to him — and Democrats are happy to take Reagan back….Nobody knows what Reagan, who died in 2004, would make of the current fight over the debt limit. But 100 years after Reagan’s birth, it’s clear that the Tea Party Republicans have little regard for the policies of the president they claim to venerate.

Tea Party Republicans call a vote to raise the debt ceiling a threat to their very existence; Reagan presided over 18 increases in the debt ceiling during his presidency.

Tea Party Republicans say they would sooner default on the national debt than raise taxes; Reagan agreed to raise taxes 11 times.

This is a man that they spit on during his funeral who they’re glad to slander with such idiocy now that he can’t refute them.

Nobody knows what Martin Luther King, Jr. would think about the state of race relations today, he died in 1968,  but I’m sure he would be glad to lead the KKK in the lynching of Barack Obama from the closest, highest cherry tree. He did like to lead people after all.  And he did have trees in his yard.  Is that too strained of a comparison of what Commies like Dana Milbank have proffered above?

Or like when Jesus said “I am my brother’s keeper” in response to Rome’s lack of universal health care.

This is the sort of contrarian drivel masquerading as creative and versatile writing that we’ve come to expect from our colleges in the last several decades.  Take the truth, subtract all historical context,  turn it on it’s head and tell everyone that black is actually white and right couldn’t be more wrong.  Like Bill Clinton, the budget balancer – deficit reducer – welfare reformer – surplus providing Saviour.

It’s all mildly amusing were our country not whistling in its economic graveyard the theme song  from the decidedly, no-where-close-to-Reaganesque Obama presidency.   Part of this, I imagine, is based on an extremely false comparison from leftwing “economist” Brad DeLong whose adherents commandeered a Wikipedia page claiming that Republican Presidents Raise The Debt Ceiling More Than Democrat Presidents.

End of Story from Wikipidiocy, right?

Were that it true that the President is the one who writes and passes the budget.  A look at every Republican President shows either a divided House and Senate or total Democrat control of both.  So, if you can look beyond the fact that the President is not the one who passes the budget, this argument might appear to be true.  Reality and Mr. DeLong have an estranged relationship it seems.

Otherwise, one can surmise that everytime the Democrats control Congress that they spend like drunken sailors with other people’s money.   I stole that last line.  I don’t remember who said it.  Obviously, some self-hating Democrat.

As long as the commies are re-discovering Madman Reagan – who they hated with all their little black hearts and souls – how about you listen to some of his other speeches too?

The Perils of Big Government  (On Welfare, Social Security, Eminent Domain abuse, Interference with private business)

Reagan’s 1964 “A Time For Choosing”  (Our nation’s enemies, individual liberty)

Or, if you’d really like to cheez their whiz, make them read Reagan’s entire speech on the debt ceiling that they love selectively quoting so often:

My fellow Americans:

There’s good news. The Federal deficit for this year is expected to drop by some 30 percent compared to last year. That could be a whopping $65 billion reduction, and it happened without a tax increase. There’s also some disappointing news. The Congress, once again, has passed a bill that puts me in the position of accepting legislation with which I fundamentally disagree.

The bill would continue the authority of the United States Government to borrow funds which we must do to avoid the default on our obligations. This legislation also includes a so-called fix of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit reduction law, but it really is an attempt to force me eventually either to sign a tax bill or to accept massive cuts in national defense, or both. I would have no problem with signing an extension of the debt limit. But the choice is for the United States to default on its debts for the first time in our 200-year history, or to accept a bill that has been cluttered up. This is yet another example of Congress trying to force my hand, and it’s one more reason why the President needs the lineitem veto to separate the good from the bad.

Unfortunately, Congress consistently brings the Government to the edge of default….

etc., etc., you’ve heard the next paragraph ad nauseum from an ad put out by Democrats browbeating Republicans as saying Reagan like raising taxes and the debt ceiling.   Twisting the words of a dead man for an obscenely partisan end to claim he supported something he absolutely did not.

For those who say further responsible spending reductions are not possible, they are wrong. For those who say the only choice is undermining our national security at a time when the United States is close to an agreement with the Soviet Union on reducing nuclear weapons, they are wrong. For those who say more taxes will solve our deficit problem, they are wrong. Every time Congress increases taxes, the deficit does not decrease, spending increases. It’s time for a clear and consistent policy to reduce the Federal budget deficit.

In the weeks ahead, Congress will have the opportunity to meet this commitment. So today, let’s get some things clear. I will not hesitate to use my veto to hold down excess spending, and I will spell out the impact that defense cuts will have on our long-term security interests. You don’t need more taxes to balance the budget. Congress needs the discipline to stop spending more, and that can be done with the passage of a constitutional amendment to balance the budget.

That’s from the same speech that comment threads have been flooding claiming that Reagan supports raising taxes 18 gillion times and the debt ceiling millions more.  Because Democrats are liars at their cores.

To us about the words of others.  To themselves for what they are.


3 Responses to “Why Is Reagan The Democrat’s New Favoritest President Evar?”

  1. Gordon Says:

    Now that there is some solid debunking.

  2. Weekend Link Love: FPS Russia Edition | All American Blogger Says:

    [...] Six Meat Buffet: Why Is Reagan The Democrat’s New Favoritest President Evar? [...]

  3. hellferbreakfast Says:

    Over 800 days & the donkturds still haven’t come up with a budget? Then they try to blame it on the Geldicans? Sounds like drama as usual from the District of Criminals. One side playing against the other. The donkturds have been listening to conservative opinion & websites. They are using this info to “mirror image” themselves. Bravo Sierra.

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