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Hero Dork Thirty

September 16th, 2012 at 2:47 pm by Brian

Kathryn Bigelow must be arrested.  She must.

If the mad Moslems of (insert backwards ass country here) are murdering people over a shitty 14 minute Youtube video, how are they going to respond to a triumphant “in-your-face” We Killed Osama bin Laden Hollyweird blockbuster commissioned  and given special access by the President?

I’m just trying to follow liberal logic here.  Because if I actually believed what you say is the reason why people are rioting and embassy personnel murdered, raped and dragged through the streets then a lot more people are going to die over this.  They were chanting “We are all Osama” after all.

The director who made the Hurt Locker and depicted US troops as reckless, adrenaline junkies who were more than happy to abandon their families and risk the lives of their comrades because our supermarkets have too many choices of breakfast cereal has probably taken every precaution to remove any insinuation that the type of Islam practiced by Osama bin Laden bears any similarity to that of those who overran our embassy this week.

Completely different Islam.  Different mosque.  Different training camp.  Different semtex vests.  No relation.  Really.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it was perpetrated by the Libyan and Egyptian branches of the Tea Party.

But we all know those embassies weren’t attacked because of some stupid video.  I’ll take al Qaeda at their word that it was a revenge measure in retaliation for a drone strike that killed one of their leaders.  That makes more sense than Imam Obama and Moammar Holder ululating over the bloodied sacrificial scapegoat of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and their sycophantic press corps that has refused to report that little tidbit for three days now.

Exit Question:  It was initially reported by the Agence France Press that Amb. Craig Stevens had been raped either before, during or after his murder.   Won’t some Obama official pressure the Libyan President to make a statement in support of his gay rights as a teachable moment to our struggling ally and those rights of all gay Libyans burning our flags and climbing our embassy walls? 

Come on, guys.  You said you wanted to lead from behind.

May they all one day be able to suck openly on the sweet cock of Freedom.


One Response to “Hero Dork Thirty”

  1. Jenn of the Jungle Says:

    I knew the Tea Party was behind all this.

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